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Therapy sessions are scheduled weekly and last between 45 and 50 minutes. Certain empirically supported treatments require 90 minute sessions. Evidence-based treatments are often relatively short-term and may be finished in 16 to 20 sessions depending on the goals of therapy and the difficulties being addressed. Establishing long-term habits and working through complex issues may benefit from a more extended duration of treatment. I will work collaboratively with you to establish a clinical treatment plan tailored to your unique goals and priorities.


Initial Phone Consultation:

Free of charge (up to 20 minutes)


Individual Psychotherapy

Couple and Family Therapy 

Rates are comparable with other empirically-trained doctoral level practitioners with advanced training and domain expertise in the Bay Area. Payment is due at the time of session.


Sliding Scale: I have a limited number of sliding-scale slots for individuals with low income.


I do not currently contract with insurance companies as an "in-network" provider. Therefore, individuals are expected to pay for therapy at the time of appointment.


Many insurance plans offer coverage for psychological services. Please contact your insurance provider and ask about your coverage for “out of network” mental health services, request information regarding coverage and limits, and clarify whether telehealth sessions are eligible for reimbursement. Upon request, I will provide a statement of services (a "superbill") that can be submitted to an insurance company for reimbursement. Learn more about insurance coverage and superbills here.

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